Vitamin D Levels Might Predict Risk for MS

Researchers from the National Multiple Sclerosis Society have provided links that vitamin D levels in the body to the risk of developing multiple sclerosis. The study which involved children showed that those with lower levels of the said vitamin seem to be at a higher risk of being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

The researchers measured the vitamin D biomarker levels in children who have undergone a first demyelinating event. The said event is an attack of symptoms that indicates that there might be some trouble happening in the central nervous system. About a quarter of children who have gone through such attacks went on to be diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

The study showed that children diagnosed with MS have significantly lower biomarker of vitamin D status than those who had a first even but did not develop MS.

According to study author Heather E. Hanwell, a doctoral candidate in nutritional sciences at the University of Toronto and the study author, "Children diagnosed with MS had lower vitamin D levels than those not diagnosed. Another way of looking at it, as vitamin D status increased, children had a lower risk of being diagnosed."

The said study is to be presented at the World Congress on Treatment and Research in Multiple Sclerosis in Montreal. The study seems to substantiate previous studies indicating that multiple sclerosis seems to become more common in regions farther away from the equator where there is lesser sunlight.

Vitamin D synthesis in the body is made possible by ultraviolet rays from the sun as it hits the skin. Aside from that, there is also evidence that vitamin D is linked with the immune system function.

At this point, the studies may still require further research in order to prove the clinical implications of vitamin D levels with multiple sclerosis.

Further studies may be needed to know if vitamin d supplementation can help reduce the risk of MS. There might still be insufficient evidence to show that taking vitamin D supplements may have an effect on multiple sclerosis once it has been diagnosed.


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