UK Experts Advice: "Enjoy More Sun, Safely"

A new advice coming from UK experts and organizations recommend that people should cautiously try to enjoy the sun safely, including a few minutes of sun exposure during the middle of the day without using sunscreen. This came after people wanted some clarity regarding the effectiveness of Vitamin D where a lot of questions concerning its benefits still remained unanswered. The new recommendation on sun exposure and Vitamin D came as a result of a joint advice given by 7 organizations, which included the Cancer Research UK, Multiple Sclerosis Society and the National Osteoporosis Society.

Vitamin D is a nutrient that the body gets naturally from sunlight when exposed to it. One of its benefits is that it helps keep the bones strong. It is also known to provide certain benefits for people suffering from conditions like multiple sclerosis. But it seems that people have been getting little sun exposure due to some fears of getting skin cancer and being overly too cautious of being out in the sun.

The joint statement “brings together the latest evidence on vitamin D,” according to Ed Young, head of health information and evidence at Cancer Research UK. While people also get small doses of Vitamin D from their diet, a majority of it comes from exposing the skin to sunlight. The statement also states that people should “enjoy the sun safely and take care not to burn”. It also says that the time needed by the body to make enough Vitamin D takes less time than it takes for the skin to become red and burn.


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