Study Suggests Activity Video Games May Help Ease MS Symptoms

shutterstock_155740724Multiple sclerosis can be a debilitating disease. It can affect the level of physical activity and mobility of a person. Some patients may require some form of physical therapy in order to improve their movement. For some patients, this can be quite a challenge. Recent research indicates that MS patients can choose to play video games such as Dance Dance Revolutionto help improve physical  instead to put some fun in therapy.

Researchers from the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center is conducting a study on determining the video game’s ability to help decrease the cognitive and physical effects of MS. The said study aims to examine the effects of the game Dance Dance Revolution on patients with MS. In the ongoing trial, the participants exercise using Dance Dance Revolution three times a week for a period of eight weeks. The participants have their cognitive functions tested at the beginning and at the culmination of the study.

Dance Dance Revolution is a video game that requires the players to coordinate their movements to the beat of the music. This offers MS patients the opportunity to improve their level of physical activity by playing the game with a higher level of enjoyment compared to standard physical therapy sessions.

According to Anne Kloos, PhD, PT, NCS, associate clinical professor of health and rehabilitation sciences at the Ohio State College of Medicine, “The video dancing game provides a good platform for our research because it addresses multiple issues that MS clinicians and patients face. We think our data will not only help doctors and therapists make good clinical recommendations, but provide an evidence based, in-home tool for patients that helps overcome access and cost issues associated with long term physical therapy.”

Multiple sclerosis is a debilitating disease that affects an estimated 2.1 million people worldwide. It is an inflammatory disease that impairs the functions in the central nervous system. It eventually impairs a patient’s cognitive processes as well as essential physical abilities. The study is currently undergoing and may someday provide researchers with important insights into how video games and similar technology may help improve the quality of life for MS patients.

Source: ScienceDaily

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