Smoking Raises Multiple Sclerosis Risks

Multiple sclerosis can become a debilitating disease that may affect one’s life. It is important that those affected by MS know how to deal with the disease, considering that it would take one’s whole life to try and manage it since there has yet no cure available to treat it. One way of managing multiple sclerosis is by following a lifestyle intent on trying to cope up with the symptoms and trying to prevent them from happening as long as possible.

One of the things that people with MS should consider is that smoking may have an effect on their disease. Researchers have identified smoking as a risk factor for MS. Further studies have revealed that smoking may hasten the progression of the said debilitating disease. Cigarette smoking has been associated with a 30 percent increase in the likelihood of developing multiple sclerosis although the results may not have been too significant enough but has instead been ruled out as just a chance finding.

But what the studies do show is that cigarette smoking has been found to be hasten its progression. A past study has shown that smokers who have multiple sclerosis have a faster deterioration rates when it comes to motor performance. On average, smokers tend to show a 14 percent reduction on their motor skills which is attributable to the smoking habit.

Although the studies may not have yet shown that quitting smoking may prevent one from getting or developing multiple sclerosis, quitting may provide a positive effect in halting the disease progression. It may eventually help people with multiple sclerosis avoid certain bad habits that may further worsen the disease faster than average.

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