Popular MS Theory Now In Question

There are various theories that have been developed by medical experts regarding the actual cause of multiple sclerosis. One recently proposed theory suggests that MS may be caused by obstructions in the veins that carry blood from the brain going back to the heart. This novel theory has led to research trying to prove the theory armed with millions of dollars in research money when the said theory was introduced over a year ago. But new studies may put into question just how this might be the case for most people with MS.

Although the more acceptable theory regarding MS is that it is an auto-immune disease, novel theories still sprout out in a way to make people find out more about the said disease which up until now still has no known cure. Recent research conducted by German scientists may undermine the theory of Ms being caused by blocked veins in the neck.

The German researchers used ultrasound-imaging tests of the veins located in the brain and nervous systems of 56 patients with multiple sclerosis. They found out that blood flow was normal except for one patient. A group of 20 healthy participants also showed a similar normal blood flow.

In another study, this time conducted in Sweden, Dr. Peter Sundstrom, a neuroscientist at Umea University in Sweden, used magnetic resonance imaging to search for abnormal blood flow in the jugular vein. He found out that there were no significant differences in blood flow between 21 patients with multiple sclerosis and 20 healthy participants.

Source: http://www.omaha.com/article/20100806/LIVING01/708049953

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