New Study Seeks Validity of Liberation Therapy

Seven teams of Canadian and U.S. doctors are conducting a research study about the validity of a controversial treatment for multiple sclerosis called “liberation therapy.”

This relatively new treatment, introduced by Italian doctor Paulo Zamboni, involves using clearing the blockages of veins that carry blood to the brain, much like how angioplasty is treated. Zamboni claims that his patients with MS have improved after the treatment. These findings have resulted in MS patients from around the world travel to countries where the controversial treatment is being conducted, such as Poland, Bulgaria, and India.

For its part, representatives of The MS Society of Canada has stated that while the results are promising, more research needs to be done before it can be recommended as a valid treatment for this debilitating disease.

The Canadian study will involve 200 people—half of them have MS—to see whether clogged veins to the brain are a factor in MS. The research, however, will not involve actual treatment of the condition.

Source: Vancouver Sun

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