Multiple Sclerosis and Fatigue

Multiple sclerosis is a disease that can become quite debilitating to some who might suffer from it. One of its main symptoms is fatigue which can hamper the quality of life enjoyed by people who might be suffering from. But there are ways that people with multiple sclerosis can still cope up with the fatigue more effectively.

Preserving Strength

One of the best ways for people with multiple sclerosis to cope up with fatigue associated with the condition is to preserve their strength as much as possible. Exerting as little energy as possible may help a lot in trying to avoid fatigue. Doing so would mean trying to do things simpler and easier as before. This would include trying to keep everything essential at arms reach most of the time. Trying to place things at levels that would prevent bending down or reaching up would be quite ideal.

Have The Right Attitude

Another way to combat fatigue is by having the right attitude that would avoid getting negative emotions out in the open. Attitude may affect the level of fatigue that one may experience. Being more positive most of the time despite the setbacks may help keep fatigue more bearable for some people with multiple sclerosis.

Setting Priorities

Since avoiding fatigue is all about trying to conserve energy as much as possible, people with multiple sclerosis should learn how to prioritize their tasks more efficiently. This would mean learning how to determine which tasks would require action due to how important they are and which ones should be relegated into the back burner. The better one becomes at prioritizing tasks, the lesser he or she would tend to waste precious energy or become fatigued later on.


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