Multiple Sclerosis Facts

Multiple sclerosis is a disease that is still quite as mystery to many medical experts. While it continues to be a misunderstood condition affecting many people worldwide, it doesn’t mean that researchers haven’t made great strides to control and even cure the disease. There are facts that not a lot of people affected by MS may not be aware of. Here are just some of them.

There are four types of MS.

Most people may think that MS may only be a single disease. In fact, there can be four types of MS that can affect anyone. The most common type is the relapsing-remitting MS which is characterized by periods of remission in between attacks of the said disease. The other types are relapsing-progressive, secondary progressive and the primary-progressive MS. The three types are considered as rare forms of the disease but are also quite difficult to manage since they don’t undergo periods of remission.

It is treatable.

While a cure for MS still eludes scientists, a lot of progress has been made for finding possible treatments for the disease. In fact, MS is now considered as a highly treatable disease with quite a number of drugs now available that aim to treat the symptoms as well as slow down its progress. Gone are the days when doctors just treat MS patients with steroids and hope for the best without any certainty. Medications are now available that can help MS patients maintain better control over their disease and live more normal lives.

People with MS can now live fully.

Along with medications that now help MS patients control the symptoms and the progress of the disease, it is now more possible than ever for people to live life more fully even with the disease. It is just a matter of trying to control the different triggers that might cause the disease to flare up. Understanding the triggers can help people avoid those MS flare ups and live life normally in the process.

A cure may be in sight.

Researchers are now slowly getting a better understanding of the disease. Many advances have led to many future drugs that may effectively combat the disease in its different forms. There is great hope that future research may eventually find a cure for MS.

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