MS Recovery Diet Pros and Cons

Multiple sclerosis or MS is characterized as inflammatory disease where in the immune cells activated in blood stream pass through the blood-brain barrier and attacks the protective myelin sheaths that cover the nerves of the central nervous system; leaving the  characteristic lesions or sclerosis in its wake. MS is also characterized as an autoimmune occurrence where in the nerve conduction is disrupted and damaged, leading to manifestations of various symptoms.

The basic principles of the MS recovery diet are to stop the immune cells from being activated in the blood stream and keep the blood-brain barrier from being breached. The diet works to halt the disease process that leads to the cascading events inside the central nervous system, resulting in symptoms. Once the disease process is arrested, the healing process of the body can begin, and full functioning can be restored.

This can achieved by avoiding foods that encourage the disease process by both activating the immune cells and by causing the blood-brain barrier to be breached, allowing these cells to get inside the central nervous system.

The diet names 5 foods that can trigger the symptoms of MS. These are: dairy, grains that contain gluten, legumes, eggs, and yeast. The MS recovery diet also talks about how other foods that may trigger symptoms and help you identify which foods in your diet make your condition worse, and which foods control them. These foods may include: lean protein, fruits and vegetables, antioxidant-rich foods, raw foods for enzyme support, and probiotics.


The best thing about this diet, of course, is that it alleviates the symptoms of MS, and gives hope to those who suffer from the disease by offering a healthy, medicine-free diet.

The plan also encourages exercise, since moving the body is essential in healing. For those who are in a wheel chair, the MS recovery diet strongly encourages exercise, preferably under the care of a trained physical therapist.


On the other hand, the MS diet is rather limited, as it focuses on MS-stricken people. It is also difficult for vegetarians to follow because it requires eating lean protein.  Plus, the eating plan is quite rigid, and its 5 common food triggers are ever-present in most packaged foods.

Source: diets in review

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