MS, Arthritis Other Ailments Linked To Lack Of Sunshine

Researchers suggest in a recent study that insufficient exposure to sunshine and the resulting lack of vitamin D can play a role in the development of a wide range of diseases which includes MS, arthritis Type 1 diabetes and even some cancers.

A study conducted by scientists from Oxford University has succeeded in finding the areas where vitamin D may be interacting with DNA. The researchers have found that the said vitamin has a direct influence in over 229 genes that are also known to be involved in certain diseases. Most of these diseases are also found to be more common in the northern hemisphere than in the sunnier southern climates.

Countries like Scotland have high rates of MS while the said disease is almost non-existent in African countries. The recent study provides some support to the theory that human migration thousands of years ago to into colder and darker parts of the planet have an effect on their susceptibility to certain diseases.

According to scientists, diseases such as Ms are not genetically predetermined but may be a combination of nature and nurture. The study will help increase calls for changes in providing advice in taking vitamin D supplements, especially for the future generations.


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