Marijuana Helps Reduce MS Symptoms

US researchers reports that marijuana may help reduce certain symptoms associated with multiple sclerosis. Shaheen Lakhan and Marie Rowland of the Global Neuroscience Initiative Foundation in Los Angeles have found that marijuana may reduce spasticity or involuntary muscle contractions, a common symptom among MS patients.

The two researchers underwent a systematic review of previous trials to see if certain compounds found in marijuana may actually have an effect on multiple sclerosis. This led to the researchers looking for previous trials that evaluated the effect of two marijuana extracts, delta9-tetrahydrocannabinol or THC and cannabidiol or CBD. In the review of six randomized and controlled trials, the researchers found that five out of the six trials evaluated reported a reduction is spasticity and significant improvement in mobility.

According to a statement made by Lakhan, "We found evidence that combined THC and CBD extracts may provide therapeutic benefit for MS spasticity symptoms. The therapeutic potential of cannabinoids in MS is comprehensive and should be given considerable attention."

The researchers also added that reported incidence of side effects with marijuana use such as intoxication varied greatly depending on the amount of marijuana used to effectively limit spasticity in patients. They also noted that certain side effects was also seen even in the placebo groups.



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