Making A Home MS-Friendly

shutterstock_121657180Multiple sclerosis can be a debilitating disease that can rob people of living a normal life. Although MS may affect people differently, those who have it worse may need to go through a struggle. There are cases when it helps to make the home as comfortable and as convenient as possible for those who suffer from the disease. Here are some useful tips for making the home more MS friendly.

MS Friendly Bedroom

People with MS may have mobility problems. Going in and out of bed may sometimes be a challenge. Try to make the bedroom convenient for someone suffering from MS by clearing the bedroom from clutter. Try to make the trip to the bed a straight shot as possible. Install grab bars or blocks to stand on. Try to keep shirts and other clothes within easy reach inside cabinets.

MS Friendly Bathroom

Safety is an important issue for people living with MS. It may be easy to slip on a slippery bathroom floor. Attach grab bars in the shower and the toilet to help prevent accidental slipping. They can also help maintain one’s balance in the tub or the shower. Installing a waterproof bench and a handheld shower nozzle may be more convenient and comfortable for people hampered by MS.

MS Friendly Living Room

Make sure that you have firm cushions on the seats in the living room. It will help avoid leaning too much on the seat to make standing up a struggle. For convenience, place a small table beside a favorite seat in the living room so that you will have a place to keep the remote, phone and other essentials within easy reach.

MS Friendly Kitchen

Place bowls, dishes, plates and other utensil you use often within arm’s reach without having to stoop or bend over. Place other items that you do not often use on higher cabinets. Always have a handcart handy inside the kitchen so that you do not have to carry stuff using your hands. When cooking, you can also have a comfortable stool to sit on ready in the kitchen.

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