Jellyfish Protein Relieves MS Pain

In a press release published on Thursday, May 20, a multiple sclerosis sufferer from Fremont, California, swears that his neuropathy has declined since he started taking supplements made from the protein of a specific kind of jellyfish.

Neuropathy is the nerve pain usually associated with MS, characterized by numbing of the arms and legs.

Josh Sheldon, 54 years old, bought the supplement from Quincy Bioscience, a Wisconsin-based biotechnology company specializing in developing products and technologies that aim to combat neurodegenerative diseases. The supplement is branded Pervagen, which is claimed to be "the first brain cell protection supplement" and it works by supplying calcium-binding proteins, which is gradually lost as we age, into the nervous system.

After four weeks of treatment, Sheldon believes in the effectiveness of Pervagen. "The neuropathy, the pain you get from MS, the pain that seems embedded in your skin that comes from irritated nerves, suddenly began to decline," he stated in the press release.

"I noticed that I could actually feel my right hand, instead of that numb feeling you get when you’ve played in a snowball fight for too long," Sheldon added.

We cannot vouch the authenticity of the testimonial nor the effectiveness of Pervagen in battling neuropathy, but we can tell you that the supplement is now available at its official website and on Rite Aid. A month’s supply costs US$59.99, plus discounts for bulk orders.

Source: PR Log, via

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