Facts About Multiple Sclerosis You Should Know About

Multiple sclerosis is a known yet misunderstood disease affecting millions of people worldwide. But while there are many things people already know about the said condition, there are also certain misconceptions that they may have believed to be facts. So just to clear up the minds of those aware of the disease, here are some facts of multiple sclerosis that people should know about.

The cause of MS remains unknown.

It may be surprising for such a widely-studied condition, but scientists and researchers do not yet exactly know what causes multiple sclerosis. While researchers know that it is an autoimmune disease where the immune cells start to attack myelin, the protective cover of nerve fibers in the brain. But scientists still do not know what causes the immune system to do this.

MS affects people differently.        

People with MS may experience different symptoms at varying severities. There are a number of symptoms that can affect people with MS such as fatigue, muscle weakness, balance problems, speech difficulties, and others. They all stem from the extent of damage of myelin and how severe the disruption of communication is between the nerve fibers and the brain.

MS is difficult to diagnose.

Multiple sclerosis is a difficult disease for even doctors to diagnose. One reason is because the symptoms arising from the condition can also be similar to those caused by other diseases. It may take doctors some time to make a better diagnosis which might require multiple tests such as taking an MRI, blood tests, and others.


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