Facts About MS You Should Know

shutterstock_52493059Multiple sclerosis is a debilitating and, for the most part, a relatively less understood, disease. It affects the central nervous system and can have an effect on how the brain and receive signals from the other parts of the body. There are many things that people do not know about the disease. Here are some facts about MS that people should know about.

MS can affect people at any age.

Multiple sclerosis is a disease that can affect people at any age. People are prone to the disease the higher up north they are from the equator. Although the disease is more common among women than men, it does not choose among genders that much. According to statistics, more than two million people worldwide suffer from MS.

MS symptoms can vary.

Multiple sclerosis comes with a wide range of symptoms. There are common symptoms as well as rare ones, depending on how the disease may be affecting the central nervous system. Some symptoms can linger for a while. Other symptoms can go just as they appear. MS symptoms can come unpredictably and can vary between different people.

MS can come and go.

MS can be an unpredictable disease. It can affect different people in many ways. It is a type of disease that can either linger and then disappear. There are certain triggers that can cause MS symptoms to flare up. After treatment, the disease can go on a remission. But then people with MS may experience a relapse that can cause renewed damage to the nervous system.

MS is treatable.

Even though multiple sclerosis still puzzles many researchers and that a cure is not yet in sight, the disease is considered as treatable. There are now a wide range of medications that can help treat various debilitating MS symptoms and prevent them from getting worse. Other medications that help slow down the damage on the nervous system caused by the disease are now available, with some awaiting clinical trials.

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