Drug Combination Relieves MS Symptoms Better

A new study shows that using a combination of a steroid drug with a multiple sclerosis drug can provide better relief from MS symptoms than using just an MS drug alone. A combination of using the steroid methylprednisolone along with the regular MS treatment drug interferon beta-1a seem to provide better results in terms of relieving MS symptoms among the participants in the said study.

The study involved 341 patients with relapsing-remitting MS. The participants were randomly selected to take the steroid drug methylprednisolone in three doses for three days per month along with the regular interferon beta-1a MS treatment. The others were given interferon and a placebo. The patients were assessed every three months for a period of three years.

The study results showed that those patients who took the steroid and interferon drug combination as MS treatment experienced 38 percent fewer relapses as compared to those who took the interferon and placebo combination. The patients in the steroid and interferon group also showed a slight improvement on MS disability tests.

Another finding from the study showed that brain lesions from the steroid and interferon group either remained the same or shrank in size while the lesions grew larger for those in the interferon and placebo group. According to Dr. Mads Ravnborg of the Danish Multiple Sclerosis Research Center at Copenhagen University Hospital in Denmark who is the author of the said study, “These results indicate that these two drugs may have a synergy when taken together and provide a more beneficial effect on the disease activity. This is a promising finding, as the benefit from interferon is only moderate, and not everyone responds fully to the treatment, so anything we can do to boost those results is positive.”

Source: http://www.cbc.ca/cp/HealthScout/6010304AU.html

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