Allergy Testing for People on The MS Diet

The MS recovery diet recipes are created based on the assumption that you are sensitive to the five triggers.

However, there are some cases wherein some foods that work well for others make your symptoms worse.

Take for instance the case of Erica, a lady with MS whose condition worsened even when she followed the MS recovery diet to the hilt.

Erica started the diet on November 1, 2008, and was very careful to follow the diet to the hilt.  However, she noticed that whenever she ate turkey, her symptoms worsened, and wondered if anyone else had the same problem.

In December of that year, she fell and broke her left foot and ankle. By January she had an exacerbation which cost Erica her job, and she had to move back in with her mother. The whole time she had remained fateful to the diet, waiting for some kind of improvement. It did not come, but her disability claim was approved in July.

Just last September 5,2009 Erica had a skin scratch test done. She made sure that she ate all kinds foods – even foods that she had been avoiding such as ice cream, pizza, a McDonald’s hamburger and small fry the day before her appointment to get an accurate reading of what she’s allergic to. It turns out, she’s not allergic to dairy, eggs, peanuts, seeds, red meat, etc. But she is allergic to garlic, wheat, and (surprise) turkey.

It’s like Erica spent the last 10 months feeding herself things that made her worse, while denying her body of the foods that would have been good for her.

Her advise? Do not assume that just because most people don’t have an allergy to certain foods, does not mean you don’t either.

Get yourself tested even before you start the diet, to avoid going through a similar experience. Get tested every couple of months to make sure the allergy results are consistent.

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